ETIQUETA NEGRA polo & sportswear confirms his passion for the world of historic racing cars with the new Collection Tazio Nuvolari.

Tazio Nuvolari was born in Castel d’Ario – Mantua on 16th November 1892. He began racing when he was 28 and continued throughout his life, first on motorbikes and then in cars. He was 58 when he ran, and won his last race.
During his long sporting life he raced in 124 motorbike races and 229 car races, with 105 out and out wins and 77 category wins, and for 100 times his was the fastest lap. 7 times Italian champion the “Flying Mantuan” won 5 world speed firsts, and in 1935 set the world record of 330.275 kilometres per hour. His enterprises made a legend of him in the racing world. The man died on 11th August 1953 but his myth still lives on.

Admiration for Tazio Nuvolari, legend of motoring, is and has always been universal. The Aviator and poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, on the occasion of the visit of the pilot to the Vittoriale museum in 1932, gave him a small golden turtle, with the dedication “To the fastest man in the world, the slowest animal on Earth”. Since then the turtle became the inseparable Nuvolari’s amulet and today is the symbol of our collection.